EXCLUSIVE: The Rogue One Droid is NOT K-250, it’s K-2SO!

Yesterday, Disney announced the Rogue One leak was “unauthorized and filled with incorrect information.” While we wonder what kind of leaks are actually “authorized”, our Rebel spies worked around the clock to find the “incorrect information” in the leak.

Today, we found one of the incorrect info Easter eggs: the name of that security droid is NOT K-250.

Let’s examine the leak again:

rogue one k-250 enforcer

The droid spread is pretty straightforward, right? The big bold letters announce his name as K-250. This is why the entire Internet, from major sites like Wikipedia, IMDB, Yahoo News, to dedicated fan sites like Making Star Wars, Wookieepedia, Slashfilm, and Screenrant, are all calling him K-250 (K-two fifty).

However, look closer — his name is actually K-2SO (K-two ess oh).

rogue one k2so.jpg

But which is which, K-250 or K-2SO? We believe it’s the latter, K-two ess oh.

  • When it comes to accuracy, the text content of the leak isn’t trustworthy. Content is repeated for the villains page, and even copy-pasted from the Star Wars databank for the AT-AT page. This is because they are merely filler text, used to plot the layout.
  • Keeping that in mind, take a closer look at the title — it actually contradicts itself. The header says “K-two five ZERO” (number). Then the smaller header below it says “K-two five OH” (letter). It might be because it’s filler text hastily typed in. On the other hand, that diagram took a lot of time and couldn’t be the result of an accident.

k250 k25o k2s0

  • Schematic-wise, the “S” in K-2SO couldn’t be a stylized version of “five”. If you notice, it looks exactly the same as the letter S in “Classified” just above it.

k250 k2so k25o

  • The big K-2SO also couldn’t be a stylized “five”. Notice how the number 2 has a straight edge. If the letter S was intended to be number 5, it should have a straight edge as well. And again, this was thoughtfully drawn out, not hastily typed in like the filler title.


  • K-2SO follows Star War’s naming tradition of letter-number-letter-letter. Take a look at C-3PO. He belongs to the 3PO series of protocol droids. Guess what rhymes with him? K-2SO. A 2SO series not only follows the naming convention, perhaps K-2S0 was also built by the same company that made Threepio’s family of droids (Cybot Galactica).
  • In addition, one of the Rebellion’s protocol droids in Hoth during The Empire Strikes Back was named K-3PO. So the choice of K-2SO may be a nice throwback by the Rogue One team.

k-3poHan Solo used to call him “that big white rod”. 

If you search Google for K-2SO, only our site calls him as such. Everyone else thinks it’s K-250. You heard it here first!

So the next time you see another site proclaiming K-250, tell them K-2SO is an enforcer droid, not a Keurig coffee maker.

k250 droid

UPDATE (June 23, 2016):

Entertainment Weekly has just revealed the official character names.

Told ya :p

15 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: The Rogue One Droid is NOT K-250, it’s K-2SO!”

    1. From Wookieepedia’s Canon section:

      “Components of what would become C-3PO were originally manufactured on the world of Affa over a century before the Invasion of Naboo. In an early incarnation, C-3PO served as a protocol droid to the chief negotiator for the Manakron system. Additionally, he later claimed that his first job was programming binary loadlifters, which he said were very similar to moisture vaporators in most respects. At some point, however, C-3PO fell into disrepair, and his vital components ended up in a junk pile on Tatooine. Anakin Skywalker, a slave boy from the Tatooinian city of Mos Espa, collected scrap parts and started rebuilding C-3PO so the droid would help his mother.”

      The 3PO series of protocol droids were manufactured by Cybot Galactica.


      1. But also we have to keep in mind that when he later talks about his first job, that’s post memory wipe isn’t it? So he wouldn’t even know too.


  1. I don’t agree with your analysis at all. K-25O is what appears in the text, whereas K-2SO only appears in the image. The S in the image could very easily be a stylized 5, especially the smaller one. The evidence points towards 5 to me, not S.


    1. Well Joe, I guess we’ll find out in July once they do the big reveal in Celebration Europe!

      However, your post got me thinking… what if it isnt K-two fifty or K-twoesso? What if it’s K-two five oh, as you wrote? That would also make sense, since as a former enforcer droid they could be referencing Hawaii Five Oh!


        1. Not really, Skeptical citizen! If you notice, the K-250 comes from the filler text, which is inaccurate in the other pages. Meanwhile, K-2SO comes from the diagram itself. Anyway, guess we’ll find out in a couple of months (barring any more leaks). Lucasfilm promised there will be more info in Star Wars Celebration Europe come July!


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