Star Wars Episode VIII: Chewie Escapes from Ahch-To to Visit Irish Schoolkids!

While everyone’s focused on the Star Wars Episode VIII shooting in Ireland, one character managed to sneak out of the set to drop by a local school.

Local newspaper The Daily Edge reports that none other than Chewbacca stopped by a primary¬†school in the village of Ballyferriter yesterday. The Wookiee came in full costume straight from the set of Donegal, which is standing in for Luke’s exile planet of Ahch-To.

chewie school visit

While filming builds up to a climax on set, Chewie took the time to mingle with the primary school students, hand out sweets and even learn some Irish!

According to the paper, the surprise visit was sparked by two kids among the class who are huge Star Wars fans. The little rebels took photos of the set from afar, turned them into scrapbooks and gave them to the crew. In return, they got the visit of a lifetime from Chewie!

The seven-and-a-half foot tall Wookiee could be seen playing with the kids and even lifting some of them around, so it probably isn’t the 72-year old Peter Mayhew under the fur.

chewbacca kids ireland

Regardless, the little tykes had an absolute blast during Chewie’s half-hour visit to the school. Poor Wookiee could use a little kid therapy after losing Han to his own godson right?

Maybe we ought to turn all those Episode VIII spy photos into scrapbooks and send them to the filming crew too!

chewbacca ireland


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