Star Wars Episode VIII: Leia “Written out in Opening Sequence”

Update (June 20, 2016):  Mr_Ghostface_Lives has suddenly backtracked from his assertions and deleted his posts. See the latest news here.

A couple of days ago, Star Wars fans were on fire after the return of an IMDB user called “Mr_Ghostface_Lives”, who was an influential poster in the run up to The Force Awakens. 

In a June 8 post entitled “Two Facts in Episode VIII“, Mr_Ghostface_Lives claims that:

  • Luke is not Rey’s father
  • Leia gets written out early on, and only survives after using the Force.

Today June 10, Mr_Ghostface_Lives gave a further update:

(In response to a comment on Leia’s Force use) Yes I agree, TFA implies that she never looked into the Force at all, which I found disappointing and very unlikely from a story point of view. Given that she and Luke, to the best of our knowledge, were the last Force users at the end of Jedi, how likely is it that she’d never explore it with Luke?

So yes, she uses the Force in Episode VIII, which I think is a phenomenally good move. It’s just too bad that they’re minimising her part again. She’s absent for most of the movie after the opening sequence.

With regard to whether Leia will survive, he replied:

Yes, as far as I know she is in Episode IX. She doesn’t die in the script for Episode VIII as it stands. But it’s still disappointing that they’re minimising her screen time. Despite her personal problems, Carrie Fisher is still a very good actress.

And as for the Rey Skywalker issue:

Well, I don’t know whose child she really is, just that she isn’t Luke’s daughter and it certainly wasn’t Luke or Leia who abandoned her on Jakku.

Update (June 11 1 pm EST): 


1. You know who actually left her on Jakku? Some other reason that excludes the possibility of Luke or Leia being the ones who left her?

2. Also, does what you’re seeing line up with the MSW leaks? Have you got any sense of where the big scene of Kylo and the Knights of Ren arriving on Ahch-To takes place (i.e. first/second/third act)? Don’t worry if you can’t answer, but I thought I’d try my luck.

I don’t actually know who left her because I haven’t read anything that reveals it, but I have read enough to know who it isn’t, if that makes sense. And it’s neither Luke nor Leia.

Regarding all the leaks, there was a great deal revealed there, and some of it I can neither confirm nor deny, but yes, there is certainly truth to some of it.

Let’s analyze:

Leia is absent after the opening sequence

  • The last we saw of General Leia Organa in TFA, she was in the Resistance Base on D’Qar.
  • If Mr_Ghostface_Lives is a credible source, then there will probably be some sort of reprisal attack on D’Qar. This isn’t a stretch, given that the First Order now knows the location of the Resistance base, and they’ll be hungry for blood after the destruction of Starkiller Base.
  • We might even see a modern adaptation of the Hoth battle, where the First Order arrives just as the Resistance is packing up and preparing to switch bases.

Remember, a few months ago there was a rumor that Laura Dern’s character would replace Leia as leader of the Resistance after being severely injured. The scene supposedly occurs “just after an evacuation”, implying a battle with the First Order that the Resistance will lose.

Leia’s grave situation might also serve as segue to the galaxy’s political situation. Episode VIII director Rian Johnson helped shape the TFA prequel novel Star Wars: Bloodline, including the state of the new Republic and the two ideological factions vying for control. With Leia out of the way, the audience will see the effects of her absence, as well as the tiny cracks in the Republic’s facade.

In fact, as early as now Disney is already prepping us for the larger view of the galaxy outside of the Resistance:

Whereas Episode 7 was a clear conflict between good and evil, Episode 8 could delve into the gray area, and how the good guys aren’t as united as they seem to be.

Incidentally supporting Mr_Ghostface_Lives assertion is the fact that Carrie Fisher seems to have a lot of downtime. While Mark Hamill has been putting in 6 am call times at Pinewood Studios, Carrie found the time to launch a new advice column on The Guardian yesterday. Her column is appropriately called Advice from the Dark Side.

Rey isn’t a Skywalker

  • Disney producer Kathleen Kennedy already stated the new trilogy will be about the Skywalkers. So if Rey isn’t part of the family, there’s still Ben (though redemption seems far-fetched at this point).
  • If Rey isn’t a Skywalker, where did she come from? Because of her incredible Force potential, fans are theorizing she came from an equally powerful lineage.
  • Another theory is that she is a “child of the Force”, like Anakin.
  • Then again, she could just be a random scavenger who was somehow on the same planet as the Millennium Falcon, Lor San Tekka, and the map to Luke Skywalker. If so, then the Force really works in mysterious ways.

Stormtrooper Larry has his own theory, but we’re too lazy to get up from the couch and share it just yet. All we can say is we agree that Rey is probably NOT a Skywalker.

As for the credibility of Mr_Ghostface_Lives, it’s up for debate. Some credit him to be a reliable source on TFA, while others scoff at him for his off-mark assertions like Finn being Lando’s son.

Who knows, he might be the real thing, and his missed predictions might be from an early script. After all, Making Star Wars claimed that TFA’s opening scene would be Luke’s hand floating in space. Half a year later, they were vindicated after Mark Hamill confirmed that an early version of the script did open with his severed hand.

Either way, you can judge for yourself by reading Mr_Ghostface_Lives’ leak history.

While this will stoke debate among the Reywalkers and the Rey-nots, we can all agree on one thing: with Episode VIII more than a year away, half the fun is in speculating!

luke rey skywalker episode 8 viii ahchto

UPDATE (June 16): 

Mr_Ghostface_Lives seems to have backtracked on Rey’s parentage. See the latest post here.

UPDATE (June 2o):

He now claims all the information he posted is false.

9 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode VIII: Leia “Written out in Opening Sequence””

  1. Still pushing for Luke’s grand daughter. He had sex with someone at the tatooine moisture farm ball before ANH. She got pregnant, daughter got pregnant early.

    There is time


  2. Blah blah blah. That guy doesn’t know a thing. I know more than that guy. Kathleen Kennedy already stated the trilogy is about the continuation of the Skywalker family. George Lucas asked Abrams in a question and answer what happens to Anakins grandchildren. That’s plural, which means there’s more than one. That is part of Lucas’s idea Disney kept and he purposely threw out a spoiler to stick it to Disney. At the end of the movie Luke definitely recognizes Rey, R2 reactivates himself when she is near. All the evidence is there. She obviously has a strong connection to Luke’s lightsaber and his memories and in her vision she is there when Kylo Ren destroys Luke’s Jedi academy which can only mean she was really there. She also has a strong connection to Kylo Ren, that’s obvious, not to mention Leia as well…..because they are family. This is the Star Wars formula. It’s about family. Another thing, Luke is standing by what looks like a makeshift gravestone at the end. Look closely at the final helicopter shot. It’s there. He’s not looking out at the ocean, he’s facing the headstone when Rey walks up. That’s what he’s looking at. It probably belongs to Reys mother. I’m a Star Wars expert. I could teach a class on it. Mark my words…….REY IS A SKYWALKER, and Rey might not even be her real name


    1. The “gravestone” is part of the island and was not placed there by lucasfilm. Tourists have taken photos of it since the movie. Also Reys vision shows past and future events. She was dropped on Jakku at around ~5 years old. If the Kylo scene was a past event and Rey was present, Kylo would have been ~11 years old. He appears to be a fully grown adult in the scene so the math simply will not work. She had to already be on Jakku when the academy event happened.

      Having said that. I agree Rey has to already be a Skywalker or at some point become the mother of a Skywalker. Otherwise it is pointless to have her as the main character.


  3. In TFA when Rey is thinking about the force we can hear Darth Vader’s breathing – See at the end of TFA when Kylo says “I’ll show you the ways of the Force”. Rey replies “..the Force??” then we hear the Vader breathing. We also hear it after she touched the light saber in the basement. The connection to Vader and not to Luke.


  4. Rey is Bens sister. In her flashback to the slaughter Kylo kills a knight to protect Rey (guess the knight didnt get the memo). Rey was training in the academy as well. Either Luke finds Rey to be the only survivor of the attack and lies to her parents after hiding her on Jakku or Kylo himself drops Rey on Jakku also leaving Han and Leia to believe Rey was killed in the attack. Remember when Kylo is told about a girl on Jakku he exclaims WHAT GIRL in a tone that hinted him knowing about a certain girl on Jakku

    Reys instant attraction to Han as father figure.

    Leia throwing her arms around Rey as she ignores Chewy walking right by him (Abrams says it was an oversight but he is one sly dude).

    Kylo not willing to finish Rey asking her instead to train.

    Reys ability to pilot the Falcon. We’ve never even seen Luke pilot the Falcon.

    Whats the problem with the age difference? An 11 year old having been training since damn near birth and powerful with the darkside could easily slaughter an academy with help. Snoke sells Ben as a child prodigy and gives him followers/protectors (knights). In the flashback Ben is grown but so is Rey. She doesnt see a little girl in the academy she is the little girl. In the same fashion she sees Ben grown as Kylo instead of an 11 year old.

    The big reaveal is not I AM YOUR FATHER, its I AM YOUR BROTHER and seeing as the films seem to be following somewhat of the same format of the original trilogy, I AM YOUR BROTHER makes perfect sense.


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