CBS News: “Celebrities Pay Tribute to STAR WARS Actor Anton Yelchin”

This morning, the world woke up to the news that Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin died in a freak accident.

Everybody that is, except for CBS News.

Stormtrooper Larry was sipping his morning stimcaf, pretending to work, when he came across this headline at 9 am EST:

anton yelchin star wars cbs star trek celebrities headlineIronically, CBS owns the TV rights to Star Trek

While the story itself was accurate, the title was not. Perhaps the reporter, Andrea Park, happens to be a Star Wars fan, and the headline was just a Freudian slip about her sci-fi preference.

To be fair to Ms. Park, there are similarities between the two franchises:

  • Both are science fiction films set in space
  • Both begin with the word “Star”
  • And more importantly, both were directed by J.J. Abrams

We live in an era where two great space franchises, which are historically¬†at odds with each other, were¬†directed by the SAME man. Not to knock off J.J. or anything (he’s a life-long SW fan after all), but it shows how Hollywood tends to play it safe.

It also makes us think of the implications if a central Star Wars character also departed. No doubt the story would change drastically, just as it did for Paul Walker and the F&F franchise.

Han-Solo-OldExcept for one character, that is.

In the case of Star Wars, it doesn’t even have to be a main character. Remember that John Williams is almost pushing 85, and we can’t imagine a SW episode without his iconic score. So let’s hope that nothing unfortunate happens to the people behind our beloved franchise.

As for Anton Yelchin, we wish him a clear warp jump as he makes his journey to the great beyond. Rest in peace Lt. Chekov.

Update: The original story has been taken down. It was up for approximately 45 minutes before the buzzkills at CBS were alerted. It’s still indexed on Google though.

Oh well, back to work.

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