About Stormtrooper Larry


Name:    Stormtrooper Larry

Serial no: FU-1287

Graduated: 30 ABY


Stormtrooper Larry is part of the experimental FU batch of First Order stormtroopers, created by a former scientist from the New Republic’s training and psychoanalysis division. The FU batch is characterized by greater creativity, independent thought and a tendency for pranking superiors.

After initial testing with the FN batch, the experimental program was given to 60 recruits of the FU batch in a bid to create smarter and better stormtroopers. But a rash of disobedience, slacktivism and practical jokes soon put an end to the experiment. Afterwards, all  100 troopers (FU-1200 to FU-1300) who underwent the program were killed in a transport accident.

However, one recruit survived: FU-1387, who changed his serial to FU-1287 to escape sanitation duty that day.

Family tree


Father – Stormtrooper Gary, notable for being stationed on both Death Stars and surviving (he later died choking on a pretzel)


Uncle – Imperial Guardsman Harry, disappeared after stepping on Emperor Palpatine’s robe and tripping him during a welcoming ceremony on Belderone


Grandfather – Clonetrooper Barry, served during the Clone Wars under General Skywalker. He was tasked with delivering contraceptives to an anonymous Senator’s apartment on Coruscant, but got lost and ended up in the nightclub sector until morning


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