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5 Alternative Theories for C3PO’s Red Arm

So now we finally know why C3Po has a red arm in The Force Awakens. Without giving too much away, let’s just say he’s wearing it as some sort of remembrance to a droid who helped him.

Except I’m not buying it.

Sure, Omri the Imperial droid is cute, and the ending is bittersweet. But I still prefer my own theories as to how Threepio ended up with a red arm.


1. Never upset a Wookiee

During the celebrations on Endor, Threepio got drunk on WD-40. Unfortunately, this also made him forget that Wookiees don’t like losing, and he wins one too many games of dejarik against Chewie.

Since Threepio is officially a hero, the rebels scavenged poor C3K0 to repair him. The red arm went to Threepio, while the rest was given to the Ewoks as their new deity.


2. Death sticks

Luke’s new Jedi Academy was going well, until one student went rogue.

A promising padawan named Elan Sleazebaggano Jr. went back to his former life as a deathstick dealer. Pretty soon, all of the Jedi were addicted.

It turned Leia into a crack whore (causing their divorce), made Ben Solo turn to the dark side, and turned Luke into a hobo. As for droids, it either caused them to hibernate for years, or have a permanent red arm.


3. Shitty camouflage

During a covert mission in First Order territory, Threepio was given a new paintjob to cover up his distinctive gold shine. Unfortunately it backfired after he was mistaken for a different droid and caught the attention of a human dressed as a flag and an alien that shrinks to the size of an ant.

After completing the mission, the victorious Resistance did a sloppy job removing the paint since it was happy hour and holy shit Princess Leia’s doing a drunk striptease forget this fucking droid!


4. Honest mistake

It’s lonely in the Resistance base, and Threepio mistook a can of varnish for lube. Who hasn’t made that mistake, right?


5. Disney just ran out of gold paint during filming

Do we really need to over-analyze everything?