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Analyzing the Star Wars: Celebration Europe Poster

Today, Disney released the official poster for Star Wars Celebration Europe, which is set to take place in London on July 15. Star Wars Celebration events are official Lucasfilm-sanctioned events, and it’s also where Disney releases more info about the upcoming movie.

Below is the official poster for Celebration Europe:

celebratio europe poster.jpg

And here is the larger, uncropped artwork posted on the official Star Wars Celebration website:

star wars celebration europe.jpg

So let’s put on our Rey goggles and analyze!

1. Director Krennic

Despite Disney’s claims of the Rogue One leak being “mostly incorrect”, we’re betting Director Krennic is the name of Ben Mendelsohn’s character. And we get our clearest “official” look at him yet in this poster.

Going by the old Expanded Universe, Director Krennic appears to have the rank insignia of High Admiral, based on the 2012 guidebook The Essential Guide to Warfare:


High Admirals were just one rank lower than Grand Admiral, and were on the same level as Grand Moff (twelve squares). They were a step up over Moffs and Vice Admirals (ten squares).

So in Rogue One, it seems that Director Krennic and Grand Moff Tarkin are on par with one another, with none being subordinate to the other. They also sport the same belt buckle, which must be de riguer for military officials.

director krennic tarkinAnd either those are code cylinders, or both of them like to carry a bunch of pens.

2. The Scarab Trooper

Unlike the armored Death Trooper and regular stormtrooper, Scarabs dispense with the armor in the codpiece, thighs and upper arms. This makes them similar to the Scout Trooper.

scarab trooper.png

It also makes them nimbler, more agile and less cumbersome than regular troopers. Some guesses:

  • Scarabs could be the Empire’s equivalent of the US Marines’ QRF (quick reaction force) – lightly armed, but faster and able to deploy more quickly than a normal complement.
  • They could also be the crew of the Empire’s mechanized forces. We’ve already seen the hovertank in the trailer with a Scarab on top. In the real world, crew members of tanks and APCs wear lighter helmets and less body armor than their infantry counterparts, so they can easily dismount in case of an emergency (like a burning vehicle).

For example, this US Army tank gunner wears a Combat Vehicle Crewman helmet different from the regular PASGT helmets. He also dispenses with the cumbersome kevlar panels worn by US army infantry.

abrams tank crew.jpg

3. Death Trooper

Nothing much to see here other what we’ve already seen in the trailer and Edelweiss leak. Some notes:

  • The body armor, not just the helmet, is definitely different from the regular stormtrooper. Previously, shadowtrooper variations in EU only colored the stormtrooper black without any difference. if you’re a 501st member, get ready for a whole new set of guidelines!
  • The green glow at the mic tips seems pretty stupid. While they look cool from a Hollywood perspective, it’s inconceivable why the Empire would light their special forces troopers like that if they’re supposed to be stealthy. Maybe it’s light leakage from their night vision system?

death trooper helmet.jpgOr maybe they are convenient hands-free lights, for reading maps in the field. How thoughtful of the Empire!


We broke the news before that the Rogue One walker is different from the Hoth version. Here we can clearly make out those differences:

at act comparison

  • It lacks the devastating chin blaster cannons, which are the AT-AT’s main armament
  • The AT-ACT’s head and viewport are less armored
  • The undercarriage seems to be different

It also has a striking tan panel on the side. Perhaps those are interchangeable modules and this walker carries cargo, with the tan panel being a pallet that can be easily swapped. Hence the “C” in AT-ACT.

5. Chirrut

Is it just us, or does his walking stick turn into some sort of gun / bowcaster thingy?


You know the galaxy’s really gone downhill when “religious” guys carry a bunch of weapons.

And that’s it for now. Stormtrooper Larry needs to get back to work!


The Rogue One AT-AT is Actually An Entirely New Version

Setting: a humid tropical planet.

Amid the swaying trees, Jyn Erso and her band of misfits have just blown up an Imperial landing craft. Dozens of stormtroopers lie dead, while their black-clad deathtrooper comrades race to the scene. The rebels fight back, and a firefight erupts.

And then…. walkers! The famous All-Terrain Armored Transport makes its first appearance in the Rogue One trailer.

But these are NOT your grandpa’s AT-ATs.

Take a closer look.


Notice anything different? I’m not talking about the hilarious olive drab camouflage (as if the walking behemoths would blend with the trees).

The head (or cockpit) is actually different, and it lacks the massive chin cannons seen in Empire Strikes Back.


One of the walking artillery pieces turns right toward the camera and fires a devastating barrage against Jyn and her hapless crew. This allows us a full-frontal look at the slight variations from the 1983 version.

Here’s the head-on view:

at-at front

And here it is side-by-side with its predecessor. Or in the Star Wars timeline, its successor:


The ESB version seems to be a more heavily armored and up-gunned walker, which would make sense. Perhaps what we’re seeing in Rogue One is the older model.

In the real world, it would be like the M1A1 version of the Abrams tank from the first Gulf War, and the M1A2 version in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The hardware may look the same, but there’s a lot of subtle exterior changes (and much more on the interior) that is easily missed by the casual observer.

Our Bothan spies actually noticed this during our frame-by-frame lowdown of the Rogue One trailer. But we were just too lazy to note it at the time.

If you’re itching for more AT-AT action, here’s the GIF from that glorious scene.


UPDATE: We received a number of comments claiming the Rogue One AT-AT is similar to the one from the Star Wars Rebels animated series. It’s not. Here’s a comparison of all three versions:


We also have this interesting tweet from Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo:

pablo hidalgo tweet

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